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"Immaculate perception" sculpture by Richard Schemmerer

"Immaculate perception" sculpture by Richard Schemmerer

"Immaculate perception"

mixed media sculpture

Sometimes we want a dream to come true so badly that we make up a reality around it. Sometimes we need to have a savior and we make up a whole religion to rationalize life.
Our perception is faulty but we pretend that it is immaculate. Other times a dream can be a seed that bares a lively fruit almost like in a miracle.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Interview with photographer Daniel M. Schmude-Sterling

Interview with photographer Daniel M. Schmude-Sterling

Interview with Daniel M. Schmude-Sterling

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Tell me about your background as a gay man in the 21st century?

I pretty much live a normal life and hardly ever have to explain myself to others. The world has changed, the fights other gay people fought in the past, paid off for me. I could marry the man I love, people around don't treat me any different.

What personal taste in art?

I am pretty much open to any kind of art. If it speaks to me, I like it.

What is the mission of your new/old photo studio Launch Fotostudio?

The mission is pretty much the same. Doing the commercial photography to make the income and continue to make my art in my free time. The new studio is way smaller now, but more efficient and in a popular area of Berlin.

How and when did you decide to be a photographer in Berlin?

I started with 14 as a hobby. After I finished the training as a social worker, I decided to study photography. Since I graduated I work as a self employed photographer.

How has the Art scene changed there?

I always loved Berlin, as its a place where creative people still have a chance to work, getting support and live their visions. I do notice that it changes slowly. Berlin became more popular over the past years. More and more people come and move there. The city invests to build more buildings and polish areas up. The rents are getting higher and higher. and that definitely effect the art scene .

What do you think of art as a commercial enterprise in general?

To make a solid income with photography and art, the commercial enterprise is an compromise.

What is the idea behind this exhibit "Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video. Where and when is it?

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

26 Wooster Street

New York, NY 10013

December 18, 2015 - March 16, 2016

Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video

Curated by Peter Weiermair

Using human beauty, desire, Eros, and sexuality, this new photography based exhibition reveals that cultural differences, whether defined by national borders, sexual orientation, or gender identification, can be simultaneously vast yet familiar. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or country of origin, feelings of desire, when successfully represented, can serve to minimize our differences and bring us closer. By using the theme “desire,” this exhibition draws together the work of fourteen contemporary artists from China, Japan, Greece, Russia, Holland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, and the U.S., as expressed through the medium of photography and video.

Opening Reception: Friday, December 18, 6 - 8 pm

You are working on a people in windows series, can you tell us about the idea behind it?

I started this series in 2011 Berlin,Germany. Most people see their homes as their personal protection, a place to hide, a place to be themselves. I went to peoples apartments and shot them infront of their windows. I personally view the window as an exit to the outside world. The models are half nude or nude, to symbolize´s their is no need for protection or costume´s in their own space of freedom.

What is the significance of the Internet in context to photography?

Since most people using the Internet and photography as visual art, the internet is substantial. It's easy to reach people that way. I do prefer the real deal. Please people, go into Galleries !

In your art there is of male nudity depicted to make which point?

I am most fascinated by the human body-- the varieties, aesthetics and its expressiveness. The naked body allows me to take an honest look at a person. Stripped away of clothes what remains is pure, a true representation.

That I photographed more male then female nudes just developed that why. For some reason men where always easier to convince to pose nude for me then women. I do plan to change that in the future.

Can art help us to bring us closer together?

Of course, that's why I do what I do. I always wanted to bring people together and talk, learn and understand.

What does iconic mean to you?

Something thats artistic, grand and memorable.

How do you see yourself through a window as you get older?

I look forward to it, and enjoying every single grey here I am getting right now.

After the show at Leslie Lohman what other projects have you lined up?

Next year is a year of building. Focusing, creating, working. Right now I don't have an project lined up. But as I know myself, suddenly something will come up.

How do you see yourself developing as an artist in Berlin?

I can only hope and work on it, that everything continues how it does right now.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Drumming in circles by Richard Schemmerer

Drumming in circles

Sisters and brothers of perpetual communality
I hear your beat your drum that reminds us
That nothing is built to last not even the cross we carry
Together as one under many under one nation
United by the attraction to the same sex
Drumming in circles we speak to be heard
As an equal opportunity player in the game of life
We are not offensive to nature but a vital part
Our core is pure is the substance of creative force
To become is our destiny to be is our right

"Party Boys" photography by Richard Schemmerer

The Pride Review: "Party Boys" photography by Richard Schemmerer

Circuit boys

The circuit party boys are boys for hire to show off their physic and heat up the party. Circuit parties started with the early tea dances way back then when it was not enough to party Saturday night. It was the rave and in the big cities it still is. The parties are social gatherings for gay men where we can be ourselves free of censorship that’s when the shirts come off and our bodies are taken over by the rhythms of the night and by vodka shooters.

Circuit parties are for every one young and old, ready and willing to celebrate gay pride through dance and music and hopefully gets laid afterwards or during.

Parties are like major holidays for the gay community. They are celebrations of life as it unfolds and our sexuality which we usually are not able to express in a public place.

They are our haven of freedom to self express and are a powerful statement to ourselves that we are okay that we are lovable and joyousness human beings.

Circuit parties come with a bag of controversy and lot of pills and stimulants and it would be stupid not to point out the dangers. All said our parties have been the a cultural barometers of our unity.
They also pump a big financial punch into any community who opens their heart to gays.

The circuit followed the disco movement which liberated gays from the closet of bigotry. All of a sudden we could be also beautiful, a star for a night on the dance floor of our own life’s.

Play safe and be kind to eachother

"Party Boys"

Richard Schemmerer

copyright 2010

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Interview with Liam Campbell founder of ELSKA Magazine

Interview with Liam Campbell founder of ELSKA Magazine

What is the mission of Elska?

My broad mission for Elska is to open people’s minds and encourage curiosity. Maybe you’ll read Elska and rethink how you conceive beauty, how you view people from other cultures, or even just get interested in travelling to a new city. It’s all about giving people images and texts that draw you in and make you think.

What is your idea of beauty?

Definitely it’s a variable thing, and something that’s absolutely connected to what’s inside a person. When I was a teenager, I can remember having a very specific “type”, but it changed and continues to change as I meet different types of people. Beauty is hard to define, if it’s even possible, but what I’d say is that you don’t have to be pretty to be loved, but when you love someone, they are beautiful.

How did you come up with the idea for Elska and what is its mission?

The idea for Elska came last year when I was working as a flight attendant. I originally took the job because I loved to travel and wanted to do more photography during layovers abroad. As time went on, the photography became so much of a passion that I started using the airline trips to get together with models and build a fashion / editorial photography portfolio. Maybe it’s just the way I work, but I developed connections to the models and their characters became much more interesting than their looks or clothes. So instead of going toward a fashion career, I went down this more intimate, documentarian and gay-orientatated route.

What does the name stand for?

Elska isn’t an acronym, but rather it’s the Icelandic word for “love”. Iceland was the first country I ever visited outside my own country, and it was really the start of my travel passion.

What attracts you to photography?

Hard question. The clearest thing I can say is that I get an incredible rush when I’m processing photos from a shoot and find ones that really tell a story, that really make you understand who the subject is. The technical part, the actual shooting, the planning… I like those things but it’s the feeling I get when I see the final product that I chase.

What is your expirience as a gay man?

Gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin… No one told me what kind of man to be when I was growing up. I didn’t know any gay people, there was no “Will and Grace” or “Modern Family” back then. I just knew that I felt suffocated growing up, trying to be something I wasn’t, which is why I left home when I turned 18 and went to London. When I got there I was just totally authentic and I’ve tried to be that way all the time. Often I worry that I’m doing it wrong, that I’m not a “typical” gay man, but as long as I’m being authentic, I feel no shame.

How do you fit into this label?

I fit into the label of gay man in the sense that I’m into men. I also have an appreciation for gay history and culture, even if I don’t actually know any Liza Minelli songs, though I do have the 7” single of “Woman in Love” by Barbara Steisand! The truth is that I’ve never totally fit in anywhere, but as I said, I’m at least trying to be authentic.

One article is about travel & sex. Do you any funny story yourself?

One of the most interesting things to me about travel is how different I’m treated depending on the country I’m in. For example, at home in England I feel like a total troll, but when I’m in America, I’m pretty popular with the guys. In Japan I’m hot; in Korea people don’t even want to sit next to me on the train. In Argentina people are queuing to suck me off; in Brazil they just want to get fucked… and I haven’t got the energy for that!

What is your job discription at Elska?

I’m the editor and the chief photographer. We do take submissions from other photographers and artists, but it’s still at least 80% me.

How has that chanced your artistic practice?

The main drawback is that my artistic work is interrupted constantly by marketing, PR, sales, etc. It’s totally not what I want to be focused on, but if I’m not on top of things, I’m unable to concentrate on the art.

What makes a good photograph and a good model?

The same qualities are needed by both. You’ve got to be open, honest, and willing to build a rapport. If you’re a model who’s really closed off then the pictures will look sort of tight and awkward. And if you’re a photographer who’s closed off, you’ll miss the best shots and not be able to recognise which are the good shots anyway.

How is the magazine distributed and what incarnation do you see it take in the future?

The distribution is growing and developing all the day. Every day we’re talking with shops around the world, but the UK currently has the largest amount of copies of Elska on sale, followed by Australia and Germany. In the future, I’d obviously like to be in as many cities as possible, but moreso I’d like to build our subscription network because I see Elska as a real community thing, and I want a group of subscribers that can interract with each other, like a sort of family.

What is attractive to you in a man and what makes a good model for Elska?

Any kind of guy is attractive as far as I’m concerned, and I try to keep the guys varied yet still appropriate for the society I’m shooting. For example, for the first issue which was shot in Lviv, Ukraine, I don’t think I saw even one black guy the whole time, and maybe two Asians who were clearly on holiday. So the issue is basically full of white guys. It makes me worry a bit that people reading Elska will think I’m some racist, but the guys you see are just an honest representation of the city.

And anyone can be a good model. They just have to be willing to be photographed and published. After that, we need to have a little chat and try to build that rapport cos if we don’t gel, it’s not going to work. Frankly there are times when we get guys at the last minute, such as through Grindr, and we do the shoot before we’ve been able to get to know each other… but I’m learning that these shoots don’t tend to turn out too well.

Do you travel yourself to the different locations and who else works with you on the magazine?

Yes, as the main photographer I travel to all the places to shoot the guys. I also have an assistant, Andriy, who comes along as a photographic assistant. For the second issue, I’ve put him in charge of finding models as well, which he seems to enjoy, although he’s gone a bit overboard. So far he’s booked about 24 shoots in the course of one week. It’s going to be insane!

Which gay activists and front runners are your biggest inspiration?

My gay hero is anyone who has had the courage to be out and never apologizes for it.

What are you in love with and what does love mean to you?

This is too personal for me! I need a beer first and a one-on-one sort of chat!

Would you date a bisexual man?

I did date a bi-sexual man once, so the answer is yes. In the beginning I was a bit paranoid that he’d leave me once he found the right girl, just because that life would be easier, or perhaps so he could have kids in an easier way. But I realised being with him that there was no such preference, that I wasn’t a second choice or temporary choice.

What are manly attributes to you and qualities do you look for in a man?

I don’t have much patience for guys who over preen. When I worked as a flight attendant I was shocked at how many of my male colleagues pluck their eyebrows and wear make-up. Honestly, I don’t even like a guy to trim his pubes. I’m totally into natural… but at the same time I could absolutely fall for more “feminised” guy, if I can call him that, but I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t try to change him!

Is a gay marriage sustainable in your eyes and what does it take and how does it need to differ from the straight model?

It’s totally sustainable. I think the difference between same-sex and opposite-sex marriages is that gay people tend to have more experience not fitting into societal norms and thus feel less pressure to be normative. The fact that there are seemingly more open-relationships or polyamory in gay relationships is simply that we as gays haven’t felt the pressure to conform to a norm because there was no past generation of married gay men to conform to.

Does Elska engage with the theme of safe sex and what is your personal position on this issue?

We haven’t engaged with it yet but I’m sure it will happen. We ask our subjects to contribute autobiographical stories about themselves and it’s certainly possible that safe sex may be featured. Actually, Andriy was looking for HIV positive men to include for the next issue but I’m not sure how that’s gone or if they’re up for talking about it with us.
As for my own opinion, well, I don’t like wearing condoms, so the truth is that I make fucking an exclusive part of a long-term relationship when we’ve both had time to get tested and build trust. In a pinch, yes I will wear a condom, but honestly I’d rather just have a wank… or maybe someone can recommend a better condom brand for me!

We still sexualize gay man and present mostly youthful faces. Will Elska address issues of aging gracefully as a gay man and what are your thoughts as you age?

Absolutely, Andriy’s found a few older guys for the next issue and I’m super excited about that. But for me it’s important that every issue contains the full spectrum of ages, races, body types etc so that no one is fetishised. If you have a book full of large black guys, for example, then you make assumptions that it’s just for a certain type of guy. Elska is for everyone so we want to include everyone in it.

What is the oldest person you would date and how and with whom do you see yourself living let's say when you are your 70ties?

I can remember when I was 18 falling for a guy who was 29. That’s really the biggest age difference I’ve experienced and it didn’t bother me. And fortunately as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started fancying older guys too. I know it may sound fake if I say that I’d date anyone, but I would. Whether we hit it off or not is a different matter but I’m open to it.

What is the next city and its boys you will high light?

The next issue is shot in Berlin, Germany. There’s a big range of guys that Andriy’s found, not all ethnic German but all resident. It should be a good representation of the make-up of what is a rather diverse city.

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INTERFACE/Leslie Lohman Museum Interview with curator Walt Cessna

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Interview with Walt Cessna

What is hope and how does one keep it fresh?

Hope is the ability to dream and the only way to keep a dream fresh is believing that sometimes dreams come true.

Can you recapture the high points of the last year?

For me personally it was getting Vaczine Publishing off the ground and getting an opportunity to curate an art exhibit for the Leslie-Lohman Museum of LGBTQ Art.

What did you expect from life and what do you expect now from the future?

I don't expect anything now or in the future. I live in the day and don't like to make plans that spur expectations.

What is the role of sexual politics in society?

Unfortunately too large a role. There are sexual politics at play in almost every facet of government and it never seems to become a problem until someone gets caught.

What is the impact of social media on your art practice?

I am a social media based artist since 2005 and have used my blogs and photography feeds as a way to reinvent myself and find a new medium to showcase my past & present work all in the same place. Although I have had several gallery shows and have had my work published in several photography books including two of my own. I have a large on-line fan base and because my work is consistently reblogged the audience continues to grow in a broadly diverse and extremely varied way.

What are your core beliefs?

Do your best work and truly own it. Regrets are unacceptable and the only opinion at the end of the day that matters is your own. How can You expect anyone to believe in your work unless you already do?

What draws and connects you to your subjects?

Some sort of attraction that usually borders on sexual, though I mostly act out on it with my camera and keep my own personal desires typically to myself. This is the longest period of being single I've ever gone through and I'm used to having a BF that becomes my muse. William, Johnny, Robby, Jacob, James, David, Massimo...So I've been trying to extend my male gaze towards more than just dudes I'd like to fuck as well as a very carefully edited selection of ladies that almost always have a strong personal style and love of fashion that borders on obsession.

What are your thoughts on art exhibits and the process of selling art?

I think it all needs to be rethought and rebooted for the next decade. It's pretty much to the point that if any of the major art museums want to actually be relevant and acknowledge the fact that artists are utilizing social media in a completely never before seen way and some (artists & viewers) would rather view they're Tumblr & Instagram feeds of streaming content on a screen than a wall.

The first modern museum acquisition of the social media age will be of an artists blog. Hopefully a Tumblr one as it's the only censor free portal. For as many CK Calvin Klein brands desperate to keep up with the youth market, there are even more artists who have taken the blog format, specifically the never ending scroll feed and multiple free tools of Tumblr and created their own virtual archives, on-line galleries if you will. If you're under the age of 30 and consider yourself a creative person, it's more than likely your sharing your artwork on social media way before the thought of a gallery or art fairs come to mind.

Artists who build up a blog over several years have a unique and way more visual than a diary way of presenting their work in a time line context. U can mix your personal life with your art the way Natasha Gornik & Benjamin Fredrickson do or reintroduce your past work along with the new as Stanley Stellar does. In Scooter LaForge's case, his blog is like looking at his inspiration books with a visual sprinkling of the many mediums he works in. Some say why not just do a website? You can, but the blog has become an art form in itself and a growing number of artists are utilizing it as a way to expand their creative vision. When the first art blog sells that's when the sites will start charging for content storage.

Imagine, the Whitney buys an artists blog and Tumblr's David Karp is somehow jolted out of whatever strange reality he's in and realizes revenue potential, though technically, that Yahoo's imaginary problem to deal with ;) ‪#‎QueerArtInterface‬

What is your connection to the Leslie Lohmann Museum?

I am a guest curator presenting my first exhibit INTERFACE from May 15th - August 2nd 2015 as well as a featured artist myself having had a show of my photography with fellow artist Natasha Gornik called SHARP OBJECTS in 2014. Some of my work is archived at the museum.

What is the role of a gay museum?

To finally give a proper home to what had previously been a marginalized and rarely properly organized and archived genre of art and it's makers who identify as LGBTQ and increasingly find the audience for and value of their work expanding.

How well does the hat of a curator for Queer art fit you?

Better than expected but forever open to interpretation as I realize that getting solidly behind and promoting another artist work can be just as confounding, controversial and confusing as your own. I would prefer for the moment to not add any new titles to my already overloaded resume and simply allow the selection of work to speak for itself.

What will is the upcoming show about?

Queer Artist forming communities through social media and taking a firmer role when it comes to how they present their artwork in an ever changing and constantly evolving web based landscape where the artist increasingly has more and more control over how their work and themselves are perceived.

What do the words identity and community mean to you?

Identity is simply how I maintain my uniqueness in both the real & virtual communities that increasingly rely on signature styles and over the to visuals to convey a message or find a new way to market to an increasingly diverse and proudly divergent audience.

How important is validation to you?

Validation can border on ego boosting, so in the long run it's only of importance when I am validating myself through my achievements and not looking to them as a way to claim some form of exclusivity or importance for myself.

Where would you escape to if you could and why?

I escape every night as soon as I start posting that day's photographs and start to form the words that will eventually take them to the next level and allow me a fresh portal to provide visual & aural stimulation to my followers. I think the whole point of getting to showcase yourself in such an open and unflinching way through social media is an actual form of escape for some artists who might never of had the opportunity or the inclination to transform themselves in front of an audience potentially in the millions,

Thanks Walt

opening Friday Mai 15th

Interface: Queer Artists Forming Communities through Social Media
Curated by Walt Cessna
Exhibition Dates: May 15 - August 2, 2015
Opening Reception: May 15, 6-8 pm
Performance by Boy Wolf and DJ Sheba Legend

"Interface: Queer Artist Forming Communities through Social Media" is an eclectic mix of queer New York artists working in a wide variety of styles and mediums that became friends and colleagues through social media. This exhibition is emblematic of a shifting time in the art world where technology allows artists to not only create in a different way, but also alters the way the public encounters them and their art. Join us virtually throughout the exhibition at #QueerArtInterface.

Dietmar Busse
Chick Byrne
Isauro Cairo
Bubi Canal
Adrian Carroll
Walt Cassidy
Ben Copperwheat
Derek DeWitt
Jordan Eagles
Alesia Exum
Benjamin Fredrickson
Natasha Gornik
Joel Handorff
Leo Herrera
Erika Keck
Brian Kenny
Naruki Kukita
Scooter LaForge
Brett Lindell
Slava Mogutin
Diego Montoya
Chuck Nitzberg
Maria PiƱeres
Gio Black Peter
James Salaiz
Ethan Shoshan
William Spangenberg
Tom Taylor
George Towne
Todd Yeager

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Hero whoreship by Richard Schemmerer

"Joe re-envisoned" digital art manipulation by Richard Schemmerer

As a communal stereo type we like to glorify movie stars even reality show starz to a degree that makes them rich and famous just scavenging of the gay money pool. We see ourselves in these larger than life caricatures in the hope we too can break out of the closet of stigma to become our own heroes.

We take life not as serious as we should and spend our energy fighting for our equal protection rather then indulging in masturbating to the Kardashians and prostituting ourselves in the process.